OPERAs project highlights the need of operational tools

Oct 16, 2013

CASTLE's Coordinator Dr. Marcus Lindner is a member of the OPERAs Consortium and coordinating one of the OPERAs' work packages. OPERAs is a collaborative project that aims to improve understanding of how ecosystem services contribute to human well-being and to establish how the concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital can move beyond the academic domain towards practical implementation in support of sustainable ecosystem management.

See what Marcus is saying about the need of operational tools.

ToSIA is a decision support tool for the forestry sector. With ToSIA, forest-based industry, national and international policy makers, and researchers can analyse the sustainability effects of changes due to deliberate actions (e.g. in policies or business activities) or due to external forces (e.g. climate change, global markets). ToSIA analyses environmental, economic, and social impacts of changes in forestry-wood production chains, using a consistent and harmonised framework from the forest to the end-of-life of final products. It allows users to analyse different kinds of sustainability effects in a balanced way.

ToSIA tool was one of CASTLE's training topics in our first training course in May 2013. The tool is also one of the operational tools that some of CASTLE's ESRs are using in their individual research projects.

ToSIA websites can be found by following this link: ToSIA.